IMAX—With Lasers!!
“The movie industry is dyingggg!” has been the wailing, despondent cry of industry insiders, journalists, and commentators for years. And they’ve got the numbers to prove it: the box office sales for the top 12 grossing films fell to the lowest they’ve been in over a decade during one weekend in September this year, bringing in a scary $51.9 million. Yet, the cultural significance of movies seems hardly diminished—we remain just as obsessed with talking, thinking, and tweeting about them as ever.

It’s clear that the industry is simply adapting, shifting towards two polar points: higher-quality visual and sensorial experiences in the theater that aim to blow audiences’ brains out, and increasingly personal, high-tech and decentralized movie experiences at home.

Coming in late 2013: better and brighter IMAX movies, thanks to… LASERS! In addition to making raves and popping popcorn more awesome, lasers are also able to produce deeper black colors, which means better color and image quality all around—solidifying the commonly-held belief that IMAX is the future of movies.

Laser projection systems promise to fix the washed-out, eye-straining quality of 3D movies that everyone hates, and since lasers don’t burn out the way bulbs do, struggling movie theaters will be able to save a lot of money.

Big wigs at major film companies like Sony recently got to test out a prototype, and gave their big, booming stamps of approval during CinemaCon 2012. Chances are, you will too.

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