If you’re a LEGO collector, prepare to have your collection turned upside down. Yes, the rumors are true: a ‘Stranger Things’ model is on the way and just wait until you see the crazy detail of this set!

Now there’s finally a real world, applicable reason to say ‘LEGO EGGO!’ Fans of Netflix’s biggest show, Stranger Things, still have to wait until July 4th to see the highly-anticipated third season, but the master builders behind LEGO have revealed the best way to pass the time and relive your favorite moments from the first season in an elaborately detailed, 2287 piece set — with a twist! The set is appropriately titled ‘The Upside Down’, and features not only the Byers’ home as it is seen in Hawkins, Indiana — but also, the house covered in dark vines, grey-tones, and creepy dilapidation as seen in the mysterious Upside Down universe. And what’s more, you can build the two versions in tandem, creating the ultimate shared building experience with friends and family. Excellent! 

Now, the first thing you’ll notice if you’re a mega fan of Stranger Things is that the set includes 8 minifigures of the show’s most iconic characters: Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, his mom Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper and, of course, the evil Demogorgon. Plus, each of the figures comes with accessories indicative of their characters: Lucas has his wrist rocket. Dustin clutches a compass. Hopper sips coffee from a mug while enjoying some morning contemplation. Joyce holds tight to a drawing of ‘Will the Wise’. And, perfectly so, Eleven has a waffle, along with the beautiful outfit Mike stole from his sister, Nancy, who sadly is absent from the set. (Actually, if I’m being honestly, I was really hoping to have Upside Down Barb and Steve with his nail bat in this set… but there’s always next time!)

But what will surely delight fans of this set is the attention to detail from the show, in both the Hawkins and Upside Down versions of each location. Feast your eyes on the perfectly recreated alphabet wall in the Byers living room, complete with a light up function. Scattered around the room are an axe, a ‘Have You Seen Me?’ flyer for when Will goes missing, and even the bear trap set up by Jonathan and Nancy to catch the Demogorgon. Other rooms perfectly recreated include Will’s bedroom, with details like Will’s boombox, and drawings; the dining room with boxes of store Christmas lights and a fantasy game rule book lying around; and and attic space that includes a Mind Flayer drawing and a wizard hat for ‘Will the Wise’.


And when you’re all done building the Byers House, you can do it all again in the alternate dimension in the Upside Down, and when completed, you can actually flip between the two. Very cool!  The LEGO Stranger Things: The Upside Down set will be available on June 1 (May 15 for LEGO VIP members) and cost $199.99 in the USA. It looks like a must have for anyone who loves this show or loves a really unique build! 


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