Hollywood Bollywood Global Media Corporation.

Hollywood Bollywood Global Media Corporation (HBGMC) is founded by Mr. Raj Uppal an innovative leader and entrepreneur who has built an exclusive network in two major entertainment industries Hollywood and Bollywood. Mr. Uppal owns group of companies including several online entertainment sites,limousine businesses and dental clinics. He is a real entrepreneur with a great vision, charisma and devotion. He has best professionals on his team to make his vision come true. This launch issue of “Hollywood Bollywood Digest” capture both part of the world and illustrates a glimmer of Mr. Uppal’s innovative ideas. Mr. Uppal is spearheading this concept of organizing and supporting Hollywood and Bollywood networking.

TGINN (The Global Indian News Network)

Indian Diaspora and India connect is what TGINN is all about. We are a platform for cross over and networking between Indian citizens and India diaspora and Indian origin people. We bring you news and information and a platform to talk within and across for opportunities in business, entertainment & culture exchange to create a socio economic impact. Support andante a par of the mega change makers and global shapers initiative, browse www.NRInews24x7.com


The coming together of TGINN and HBGMC is to shape and create a cross-over platform for Hollywood and Bollywood to explore collaboration and create opportunities. Be the global shapers.


Founder & President (Hollywood Bollywood Digest)
CFO & Director of Entertainment and marketing
Vice President
Vice President - Media Finance & Production
Director (Audio-Visual Division)
Michael Pocchio Jr.
Attorney At Law
Eric Forsberg
Layla Rizvi
Director Marketing & PR