Gigi Hadid took to Instagram on May 26 to post a short video of herself getting prepped with a shocking new hairstyle that includes bangs and she definitely looks very different!

New hair, don’t care! Gigi Hadid, 23, took to Instagram on May 26 to post a short clip of herself getting her hair done while it looked wet and we couldn’t help but notice that the style was very different from what we’re normally used to seeing on her! The gorgeous model had shorter locks with bangs and although we’re not sure if it’s real or a wig, it definitely gives Gigi a new look and it suits her well! Gigi tagged all the members of her glam team in the post, including hairstylist Ward Stegerhoek and she also tagged Italian Vogue so we’re guessing the new look is for an upcoming photo shoot she did with the mag.

The new photos are sure to be amazing as is mostly every photo Gigi poses for! Despite her breathtaking beauty and positive attitude, the young star has had to continue to fight off negativity on social media and even recently threatened to stop posting photos because of the backlash she received after wishing for peace in the Middle East. While being in the public eye certainly has its qualms, Gigi seems to handle it well for the most part.

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