The new lingerie line from Rihanna is here, but when fans went to buy the products, they were stuck waiting in an online queue before even being allowed on the website! Needless to say, many people were pretty pissed.

Rihanna finally dropped her Savage x Fenty lingerie line on May 11, but it wasn’t an easy process for fans to hop online and buy the buzzed-about products. When RiRi’s loyal followers went to the website to shop, a majority were met with a black screen, noting their place in an online queue. Everyone was given an estimated wait time, which reportedly extended multiple times throughout the waiting process. There was an option to leave the line, but customers were notified that they would lose their spot if they did so.

While in line, fans were not even allowed to browse the products in the online store. Instead, they had to wait until they were FINALLY allowed through to peruse and shop. Twitter immediately blew up with buzz about the release, and while there were several users who were happy to wait as long as it took, others couldn’t help but express their frustration about the process.

“What do you mean “the line is paused”?” one person wrote. “#SavagexFenty I’m trying to give you my coins so PRESS PLAY.” Another shared a gif of a woman looking pissed off with the caption, “Your estimated wait time is: more than an hour. #SavagexFenty.” Yikes! Check out some more reactions here:

Rihanna threw a launch party for her lingerie collection in New York City to celebrate the big release. While she hasn’t made music a priority in the last year, she’s put a big focus on her fashion and beauty lines…and it definitely seems to be paying off!

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