Mother’s Day is just days away, but T.I. couldn’t resist surprising Tiny Harris with one particularly special gift just a tad early. HL learned exclusively Tiny was ‘overcome with emotion’ over the precious present!

T.I., 37, knows just how to make his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42, feel special! Too impatient to save one of his Mother’s Day gifts the big day on May 13, the rapper surprised Tiny early — and it was a super cute moment! T.I. ended up framing a copy of the Rolling Out magazine cover his wife and their baby daughter Heiress, 2, starred on, and we cannot think of a more thoughtful present. It apparently even brought Tiny to tears!

“Tip knows Tiny loves the magazine cover, so Tip had it turned into a canvas for her and he got it framed,” a friend of Tiny’s shared with EXCLUSIVELY. “He gave it to her as an early Mother’s Day gift — he didn’t want to wait. She was so overcome with emotion, she started to cry when he gave it to her and he said it was just the start of her Mother’s Day gifts.” How sweet is that? It was especially heart-melting because last year, T.I. and Tiny didn’t even celebrate Mother’s Day together, as they were reportedly on the brink of divorce.

“It meant so much because this time last year, things were so bad they were barely speaking,” our insider explained. “This year it couldn’t be more different, Tip has promised to spoil her rotten and make up for being M.I.A. last Mother’s Day.” Tiny already knows about one of the other gifts she’ll receive this upcoming weekend, but apparently her hubby has so much more up his sleeve.

“[Tiny] knows she’s getting a day at the spa already, he had to check her schedule to book it,” our source dished. “But he’s promised her that’s only the beginning. Knowing Tip, he’ll get her something big and flashy like a new sports car — he likes to make grand gestures.” The framed magazine cover is especially adorable though because, as has previously reported, at first T.I. was not on board with the mother-daughter photo shoot.

“It took Tiny ages to talk T.I. into agreeing to letting Heiress do this latest shoot with her,” our source said. “When she first suggested it he was totally freaking out, they had a blowout fight about it. But Tiny stood her ground and convinced him it was nothing to worry about.” This first Mother’s Day gift definitely seems like T.I.’s cute way of saying Tiny was right all along about how amazing the photos would turn out. We can’t wait to see how else he spoils her this week!

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