When people noticed Harrison Ford trending on Twitter throughout Nov. 19 and Nov. 20, many immediately thought the worst — could he be the latest male in Hollywood being accused of sexual harassment?! Luckily, the reason people were talking about him was far from that. Instead, it was because he proved he’s a real-life hero by aiding a woman who drove her car off the road in Santa Paula, California on Nov. 19. Harrison was driving behind the woman when she lost control of her car, and instead of speeding away, he pulled over to help, according to TMZ. The actor was photographed, along with other witnesses, helping the woman out of her car until paramedics arrived.

Luckily, the unidentified woman was okay, and only suffered minor injuries from the accident. After reports surfaced of Harrison’s involvement in the incident, though, Twitter started blowing up with fans gushing over his heroic act, and praising him for “doing good” during a time when so many are making headlines for such negative reasons. “First a big sigh of relief and then a standing ovation for being a real life hero,” one person wrote. Another added, “Me clicking on Harrison Ford as a trending topic expecting to see that he’s done something sexual to someone because its 2017 and perverts are everywhere and anywhere but it turns out he saved a woman.”


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