And finally, Priyanka Chopra beats Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Make way for the new queen of Instagram – who else than Priyanka Chopra! After breaking many barriers across the globe with her amazing talent and good deeds, Priyanka has now added yet another feather to her success hat by emerging as the most followed Bollywood celebrity on Instagram. Yes, until yesterday it was Deepika who was ruling the Insta world with 23.7 million followers. Say for that matter, DP has been leading the brigade for the longest time with nobody managing to come close to achieve her feat…. until a few hours back when Priyanka finally beat her to 80, 000 more followers. Congratulations Priyanka! Knowing how social media savvy she is,  this was indeed much awaited.

One needs to give it up to Priyanka for always being a step ahead when it comes to maintaining an A game on social media. She exactly knows how to make use of the social networking site and stay connected with her fans. Take for instance, all her Insta posts and you will know what we are trying to say. From posting an inspirational quote to sharing some drop dead sexy pictures to updating what’s going on in her life wherever she is, every PC follower would bank on this fact that the actress has never disappointed when it comes to being socially active. In fact, she has been all the more active ever since she’s gone abroad for her Hollywood run.

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