Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are their celebrating 25th wedding anniversary.
Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are celebrating 25th wedding anniversary. In an industry where relationship changes rapidly, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s relationship has stood the test of time and is still going strong. When Salman Khan was once asked, what is the one thing he admires about Shah Rukh Khan the most, he said, it is the fact that he is a family man. Shah Rukh Khan on the other hand is known as the best when it comes to onscreen romance but his real life is nothing short of a film story.

The Meet

Shah Rukh Khan met Gauri Khan, then Gauri Chibba for the first time at a common friend’s party when he was 18 years old and had never had a girlfriend or asked any girl out before that. So when he took a liking for Gauri, he gathered courage and asked her out for a dance and she agreed. The actor reveals, “I danced with her, she was very good. I asked for her telephone number and she was the first girl with whom I had danced or asked for their number. I felt that she is the one for me, as she has not told me a ‘no’ for now.”

The Relationship

They soon started dating as Gauri fell for Shah Rukh’s charm. But it was not all happy happy, Shah Rukh Khan was very possessive about Gauri, he did not like her to keep her hair open, let alone talking to other boys. It was then that Gauri realised that she needed a break from this relationship. A day after she celebrated her birthday at Shah Rukh’s place, she left for Mumbai with her friends without telling him.

The Love

It was then that Shah Rukh realised his love for Gauri and vice versa. He told his mother and went to Mumbai where he found her at a beach, they both looked and instantly hugged each other and realised their love for each other.

The Proposal

Shah Rukh finally proposed Gauri and he did it in a rather quirky manner, as revealed by SRK in a TV show,. “I had a Fiat back then and I was dropping her home. That is when I asked her if she will marry me and went off, I didn’t even wait for her to say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ She must have said a ‘yes’ only, because then we were married off,” recollected SRK.

The Parents

But the most difficulty they faced was with the parents. Shah Rukh is a muslim and Gauri belonged to a Brahmin punjabi family. Their relationship was a secret for five years and they knew there will be lots and lots of issues with Gauri’s parents, being a Muslim was one thing, her parents even found him unsucceful at that time. But finally the couple convinced her parents for the wedding.

The Married Life

Shah Rukh Khan was shooting for his first film Dil Aashna Hai, during which they got married and SRK revealed that they had their honeymoon on the sets of that film. In an interview SRK had revealed that initially Gauri didn’t like the life in Mumbai, she used to wish and pray for his films to flop, so that they can go back to live in Delhi and Shah Rukh Khan can join her father’s business.

Happily Married Ever After

Gauri has been his anchor since then, as she knew him before he became the superstar, he is today. She is his biggest critic. On a chat show, she had revealed, “If he is bad in a film I don’t need to praise him. He needs to accept that, I am an audience. He needs to deal with it. Shakti was his worst performance in a long time. I respect him for his profession, he is King Khan and gets great write ups, but he doesn’t hear from other people, and I should tell him because no one else tells him.” Also read: Rohit Shetty reveals what went wrong with Ajay Devgn’s Golmaal Returns and Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale

Being hailed as one of the busiest and the biggest Bollywood star in the world, it’s not easy for Gauri to cope up with that. But she did. 25 years and three children later, the couple is still the most talked about and very much in love. However, as per SRK, they are past that romantic phase in their life. “We have known each other for so long, we have surpassed a stage. One of the stages that we have passed is that we don’t need to sit under a moonlit night. I think just passing each other across from the bedroom to the living room is romantic. Love is in the air. We have wonderful children who are a proof that we have a wild, loud, screaming romance going on in the house all day long”, he had said in an interview.

Someone make a movie on their love story already!

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