With Raazi, Alia Bhatt has hit it out of the park. Not only has she fetched all the accolades, she has also carried the film on her able shoulders and seen it through. We are blown away by the kind of confidence that she displayed onscreen. Not once did she flinch or cringe while essaying some of the toughest scenes ever. And for that alone, she must be praised. We have been telling you how the actress is in the best phase of her life. She is at the peak of her career and we are sure she has miles to go before she sleeps. Also, her personal life is going great guns. It is indeed a great time to be Alia Bhatt.

However, being showered with praises comes quite naturally to the Highway actress. Critics have always been full of praise for her. In fact, while Student of the Year was Alia’s debut film, she was the apple of reviewers’ eyes even back then. We dug a little and found out that all reviews of the film only had good things to say about the actress. Take a look… (Also read: Delivering stupendous performances in films, being linked to the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt is actually living my dream – here’s how)

Anupama Chopra, in her review of Student Of The Year, wrote, “Alia’s brief is to be pouty and attractive, which she manages to do.”

Shanaya (super filmy intro, Alia! Alia! Alia!), is Ms. Popularity and Drama Queen (don’t miss the red pout) known for her brands and beauty.

Times of India’s review was really generous towards Alia. In their review, they wrote, “Alia wins your heart with her cuteness, effervescence and naivete. Yes, she reminds you of Kareena’s Poo days (with all that oomph), but she comes into her own.”

Taran Adarsh, for Bollywood Hungama, said, “Alia’s role is reminiscent of Kareena in KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM [remember Poo?]. Stylish, classy, born with a silver spoon, she’s someone who loves to flaunt not just her clothes and bags, but also her riches. Extremely photogenic [she looks like a doll, frankly], Alia makes a super-confident debut.”

In his review, Anuj Kumar of The Hindu, wrote, “Alia Bhatt stands out for her spunky appeal and infectious charm. A rare combination of simplicity and snobbery, she could well be the girl to watch out for.”

This is indeed a revelation. While the whole world thinks it was Imtiaz Ali, who discovered Alia Bhatt, when he cast her in Highway, these reviews are proof that the critics had always known that she has potential. And, in fact, they had even called her someone to watch out for! However, we also have to admit that Alia has only improved since her first film and we are raring to watch as to what she has in store for us next.

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