Now that Khloe Kardashian has given birth, Kris Jenner wants her out of Cleveland! The momager is reportedly worried that if Khloe and True don’t get back to LA soon, they might stay in Ohio with Tristan Thompson – for good!

C’mon, Kris Jenner. Cleveland isn’t that bad. Kris, 62, is ready to put “the Land” in her rearview mirror while heading back to Los Angeles and she wants to bring Khloe Kardashian, 33, and baby True Thompson with her! It’s not just some “West Coast Bias” here. “Kris is concerned that the longer Khloe stays in Tristan [Thompson’s,] house with their daughter,” a source tells Us Weekly, “she won’t move back to Los Angeles as she had indicated she wanted to do before she gave birth in the aftermath of his cheating scandal.”

“Kris has been a constant presence in the house, helping Khloe with True,” the source added. “Things have been strained with Tristan, but she has forgiven him. Their relationship is still very much up in the air.” It also seems that Kris isn’t the only one who’s pushing for Khloe to pack her bags and go west. Kim Kardashian, 37, Kourtney Kardashian, 39, and Kendall Jenner, 22, have all travelled to visit Khloe and her newborn. Their visit was, according to the source, also a way to “provide Kris back-up and give Khloe a gentle nudge to not stick around in Cleveland” for long.

In fact, the KarJenners are already helping Khloe pack. After spending 24-hours in the “Rock & Roll Capital of the World,” Kourt, Kendall and Kim were spotted at the airport with at least eight large bags. While the KarJenner’s are known for being extravagant, eight bags between three women seems a bit much, right? It could be that they were bringing some of Khloe’s stuff back with them.

Kris, Kendall, Kourt, and Kim aren’t the only members of the family that are “nudging” Khloe to ditch Tristan and leave her cheating baby daddy in C-Town. Rob Kardashian, 31, has come out from hiding to “plead” with Khloe to ditch Tristan ASAP. Rob thinks Khloe shouldn’t wait until the NBA Payoffs are over to kick her cheating Cleveland Cavaliers star to the curb. “Rob feels Tristan not only embarrassed himself,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells, “but Khloe and the entire family so he wants him cut off now.”

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