If there really is a break in Kim Kardashian’s robbery case, Kanye West is super excited about it! After authorities found a piece of stolen jewelry by Kim’s Paris apartment, Kanye is eager to see his wife’s thieves go to trial over the valuable items they stole. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here!
“Kanye is chomping at the bit that he may be able to face the men who gagged and bound his wife, forced her into a bathtub and threatened her life with a gun,” a source revealed to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He can’t wait to stare down the thieves and see them prosecuted.”
Although the suspects have yet to actually be identified, authorities recently found a piece of stolen jewelry near the apartment where Kim, 35, was robbed at gunpoint on Oct. 2. There may have been some DNA on the discovered jewels, which would provide quite a breakthrough in the case — and it sounds like Kanye, 39, is totally hoping that happens!

As for Kim, she’s also pretty excited to be one step closer to identifying the people who raided her apartment and made her fear for her life. But at the same time, if a court case does come of this robbery, our source told us Kim’s terrified to face her assailants once again. If Kanye is by her side, though, we have a feeling her fears won’t be nearly as strong when facing them!

It’s been speculated that Kim’s robbery was an inside job, with her main bodyguard Pascal Duvier even suspected to be involved. Now that there’s a possible piece of evidence in the case, hopefully investigators are close to figuring out the truth behind the crime. We can imagine both Kanye and Kim hope that the inside job thing isn’t true, but that would certainly make for one crazy encounter between Kanye and the robbers!

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