Shah Rukh Khan may be Alia Bhatt’s life coach in Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi, but the actress turned an advisor for BollywoodLife. And in an EXCLUSIVE interview she doled out some sound advice on breakups and love…
Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan have already won us over with the Dear Zindagi teasers. Each time Gauri Shinde’s this slice of life film’s video is released it makes us more and more eager to watch the movie on 70mm. Now we caught up with Alia last week and were impressed with the petite babe’s candid and bindaas attitude. Alia certainly i super confident of her craft. No wonder in a short span the actress has turned out to be not just one of the most bankable actresses in the business, but one of the most talented ones. What’s amazing is that Karan Johar’s this student has dabbled in different kinds of roles and yet managed to taste success in almost all of them. Now when we met Alia we decided to play a fun breakup quiz with her. And turned out that Alia was actually our love guru. While answering our queries Alia alo doled out some very sound advice to those who’ve gone through a bad heartbreak. We’re sure this is one love guru that people will love.

Read the excerpts from our conversation with Alia Bhatt…

Your go to breakup song

You know what I’m one of those people who likes to listen to sad songs when I’m going through a sad time. So I listen to Lag jaa gale. All sad songs. Now my new favourite is Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Your breakup holiday destination

London! I know, breakup city is London.

Favourite breakup scene

Actually it was really funny, I found a very funny breakup video on the internet you all should Google it. It’s about a guy breaking up with his girlfriend on a roller coaster ride. While they are on the roller coaster ride. It’s hillariou. Somebody needs to make that in a film

Breakup food binge

Ghar ka khaana is the best khaana. Actually I like chocolates. Ice cream nahi, but chocolate main khaungi. Mithai (sweets)may be like a moong daal halwa.

Get drunk and party hard or whine with bestie on the couch – your way to move over a breakup?

Get drunk and party hard is useless and then the next day… and then when you’re drunk you wanna call him up and then it’s all that rubbish. I prefer indulging in work or distracting yourself. Not distracting but like focusing on yourself.

To find out what is Alia Bhatt‘s advice for the heartbroken souls and her current take on love watch the video below…

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