The buzz around Ajay Devgn’s ‘Shivaay’ has picked momentum ever since its trailer and songs were launched. As the action adventure drama is all set to hit the screens this Friday, we look at the factors that make it one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year.
This is Ajay’s most ambitious project so far. The actor-filmmaker, who loves being on the move constantly, has spent two years focussing solely on the film, which also stars Bollywood debutante Sayyeshaa, Polish actress Erika Kaar and British child artiste Abigail Eames.
Driven by the desire to create a unique cinematic experience, Ajay has tried to capture the beauty and essence of the five elements of nature on screen.
Another highlight of the film, which is Ajay’s second directorial venture after ‘U Me Aur Hum’ (2008), is its raw and intense action sequences. At the same time, he also wanted the movie to strike an emotional chord with the audience. So, the story, we hear, is woven around a beautiful father-daughter relationship. “As much as it is action-packed, ‘Shivaay’ is equally high on emotions,” says a crew member.
Coming back to the stunt sequences, it has everything — high-octane car chases, bomb explosions, Mossad-style fight scenes and the use of sophisticated technology. Interestingly, Ajay chose to choreograph most of the action. This doesn’t come as a surprise since his father Veeru Devgn was one of Bollywood’s most renowned action directors from the 70s through the 90s.

Ajay has used hi-tech equipment such as Gimbal camera (to capture skate board sequences), Shivaay VU and multiple drones to get the best shots of stunt sequences.
What is Shivaay VU?
Ajay spared no effort to capture the action sequences perfectly. Shivaay VU is a 360-degree mechanism, specially designed for this purpose. The existing mechanism, OrcaVue, enables the camera to gain a 360-degree view around a central, stationary platform. But the problem was, it could be used on GoPro or at best a Canon 5D, and could not take on more than 10 pounds to give a stable shot. However, Ajay was not happy — he wanted an Alexa and a Phantom (both are cameras) mounted on a contraption with a large circumference, 500 times more than what the OrcaVue offers.When Ajay realised that the equipment he needed wasn’t available anywhere in the world, he did some research and designed a new contraption. Finally, after three months of extensive research and development, a device that could complete one rotation in a second was created. And that is how Shivaay VU was born.

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