In an EXCLUSIVE interview, Karan talks about his journey on Bigg Boss 10, host Salman Khan and a lot more
Karan Mehra has become the first celebrity contestant to bid adieu to Bigg Boss 10. Now that he is out, Karan spoke with BollywoodLife about all that went down in the house. We asked him his experience inside the house. The former Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor also picked his top and worst three. Excerpts from the interview:

What convinced you to be on Bigg Boss 10?

There were couple of factors. First, it’s a reality show and there is nothing scripted. So they wanted me as who I am. I didn’t have to change or deliberately become someone else. Secondly, of course Salman Khan. Plus the concept of celebrities and the common one under one roof attracted me more. And lastly, the baggage of being Naitik had to go. It was a good opportunity for people to see me as Karan Mehra too. Lastly, Nisha said that I should go for it.

You spent almost 35 days inside that house. How was the experience like?

It was immensely good. I was in a completely different world. I came out with my dignity intact, and that is saying a lot. I also made friends for life there. The only thing that upset was when we were called boring and lethargic. There were other people lying around the entire day, but they were not targeted. But I enjoyed myself, I have no regrets whatsoever.

There were reports that the commoners are not being paid to be on Bigg Boss 10. Did anyone discuss about that while you were in there?

Not really. And anyway, if someone discussed that, it was not in front of me, As it is, we have are bound by a legal contract, so we are not supposed to talk about the money matters. But I think Manu (Punjabi) once discussed that he was ready to pay money to be on the show. Later he said, galti hogayi, paise le lene chahiye the thode. I was a little surprised, but I didn’t probe him any further.

If you had to choose your top three, who would they be?

Well, I would like Rohan (Mehra) and Gaurav (Chopra) to go till the end. And even for that matter Bani.

And who are the three contestants who do not deserve to be inside that house right now?

I don’t have three names here, but Om Swami should really be out of the house right now. He is very cunning. And of course, Manu. He is not playing it right. He does a lot of back-biting and brain washing, which is not cool.

Let’s talk about Nisha. What was more difficult – not being with her on Karva Chauth or destroying her photo?

Of course, it was difficult to not be with her on Karva Chauth. But good that Karva Chauth came during my initial days in the house. I remember telling her that I will miss her, but like every year, I promised her to keep the fast. And I did. But what hurt me terribly was when I destroyed her photograph. I had to save Rohan and that was also important for me. And Nisha was really proud of me. At least, it sent out a good and positive message.

Since we are talking about Rohan, he received a lot of flak from the viewers when he became the captain. Your thoughts?

In the initial days of his captaincy, he was doing everything for fun. But people inside the house were not taking it happily. They were making sure that he is under the bad light of the viewers. So he also got a little disheartened that nobody was listening to him despite him being the captain. Lopamudra (Raut) and Lokesh (Kumari Sharma) were fighting with him over stupid issues, which was not in good taste. So when he was losing it on them, I didn’t blame him.

Now that you are not there with him, do you think it’s going to get even more difficult for him considering you were the only support he had?

I hope they don’t. Both of us had each other’s back. He has a lot of regard for me, and I have the same respect for him. Of course, he will miss me terribly. But then, I know that he will tackle all the difficulties and make it to the end.

Now there were double evictions this week. Lokesh was the second contestant after you to leave the house. Were you shocked with her elimination?

I was not really shocked. Slowly after the second week, she was losing the plot. She was not being herself after a point of time. The commoners said that the celebrities are using her, but in fact, it was Manu and Manveer who were treating her as their personal servant. They used to tell her to get fruits, change the batteries and bring this and bring that. But then she was also letting that happen to herself, so she is to be blamed here.

There were rumours that Hina Khan was also approached for Bigg Boss 10. What would you recommend her? To take it up or stay away from the house?

Obviously, I didn’t know that she has quit Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. It all happened when I was inside the house. But it’s up to her, if she is willing to go, she definitely should. I wish her all the best.

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