Rajinikanth’s Kabali is all set to release on July 22nd.

Well, currently, Kabali is on all our minds!!
Rajinikanth’s Kabali is all set to release on July 22 across the world. Fans are already in celebratory mode much ahead of its release. Tickets have been sold out in Chennai, Bangalore and even in US! Yeah, that’s the right. The Kabali fever has caught on like wildfire! And looks like one member from the Kabali team is specially excited! She will be one of the important women in Kabali’s life and that’s Radhika Apte! She plays plays Kumudavalii, a worker in the estate. She also happens to be Kabali’s wife.

She shared a Instagram post today which says, 3 days to go! We have to say, she has got the traditional get up spot on, especially her nose piercing which is on both sides. That’s how it is worn among women down South. From the picture one can tell, her thoughts are solely about Rajinikanth aka Kabali and the child. Although concerned for their safety, she looks determined to protect them at all costs. So we know one thing for sure, Kumudavalli will be Kabali’s quite strength who lashes out when the time comes. Story aside, seems that Radhika is excited too about Kabali’s release. The Phobia actress was all praises for the superstar and thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

In a recent tweet, Pa Ranjith, the Kabali director mentioned that Radhika had exceeded his expectation as an actor. In this movie apart from Rajinikanth, there will be three women who play powerful roles – there’s Radhika who we already mentioned, Dhansika who plays Kabali’s daughter. and Rithvika who plays Meena. Looking forward to Rajinikanth and the presence of three powerful women in his life.

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