The trailer of Race 3 dropped this week and the internet has been obsessing over it, ever since. We can’t get over the varied reactions that the trailer is fetching. While some are raving about it, others are panning the trailer entirely. We, too, had some issues with the first trailer of the film, which you can read all about here. However, all said and done, we can’t deny the fact that it has got people talking. Scroll down your timelines and you will see at least seven references to the trailer – funny or otherwise. This can only mean one thing – the trailer did what the makers set out to do – create buzz for the film. You might say that for a film starring Salman Khan, getting talked about will be no problem at all. But there have been instances when even the actor hasn’t been able to pull the crowds to the theatre. Remember Tubelight?

Which brings us to the crux of this article. When we watched the trailer of Race 3 first, we wanted to have an audience with Salman himself and ask him as to why did he have to do a film like this again. We mean, it doesn’t seem to have anything new to offer in terms of what we have seen the actor do onscreen. And given the point where the actor is in his career right now, he can afford to choose scripts that are different, right? Wrong! While Salman can certainly sign on scripts on his whims and fancies, he does have to think of his loyal fanbase when he does that. He cannot disappoint them as it is they who make him the star that he is. And being as thoughtful as he is, it isn’t surprising to see that Salman is playing it to the gallery. (Also read: Exclusive! Salman Khan’s jacket in the Race 3 song Heeriye has a special significance – find out what)

Tubelight’s undwerwhelming performance

And see what happened the last time he didn’t. When Salman ventured into the space of unusual films with Tubelight, his fans refused to buy tickets. When we analysed, we found that they hadn’t liked the film because it lacked all the trappings of a typical ‘bhai’ film. It was devoid of any catchy numbers, Salman was not performing kickass action scenes in the film, and there was no romance too. No wonder that diehard Salman fans, who watch his films several times in the theatre, didn’t bother to go even once since the negative word-of-mouth had already spread.

Tiger Zinda Hai’s success

Then came Tiger Zinda Hai. And with it, Salman reclaimed his fan base. Not just that, the film also went on to earn more than Rs 300 crore at the box office, making it evident as to what was expected of him. In Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman was completely in his element. He was doing what he does best – be a hero on screen. Because that is exactly what his fans want of him. TZH was an excellent example for Salman to gauge as to what the audience wants of him. And hence we don’t blame him for wanting to repeat the success with his 2018 Eid blockbuster.

Lesson learnt

By the time Race 3 trailer released, it was clear that Salman had learnt his lessons. Additionally, we really believe that he really loves it when the entire family can make an outing out of watching his films. And Race 3 is just that film. With action, songs and some heavyweight dialogue, the Remo D’Souza film seems to be a complete family entertainer. Like Salman said at the trailer launch of the film, he took Race and added Hum Apke Hai Koun! to it. He is ensuring that he keeps all his fans happy with this one. He can be seen performing some mindblowing action in the trailer, then there’s him grooving to Heeriye, that released yesterday, and he is also mouthing some interesting dialogues in the film – what’s not to love.

So, while we agree that Salman is not experimenting much as far as the fare is concerned, he is at least doling out what his fans want from him. That works for the box office too. And since it is such a win-win, why complain?

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