Busted! Newlywed Emiy Ratajkowski is absolutely furious over pics showing her husband getting super cozy with model Suki Waterhouse. We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE details.
This is NOT a good look for a newly married man. Emily Ratajkowski‘s new husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, 31 was photographed in NYC on Apr. 26 with his arm around model Suki Waterhouse, 26. The two looked super cozy and engaged in deep conversation and Sebastian wasn’t even wearing his gold wedding band from Emily! The 26-year-old I Feel Pretty star and Suki are pals so what the heck is going on?! “Emily and Suki are friends but that doesn’t mean she’s cool with this, Suki was getting way too close to her man. Emily read her the riot act as soon as she saw the pictures, she was furious with Suki,” .
“And Sebastian didn’t escape her anger, he got an earful too. Emily doesn’t think anything is actually going on between them, but she’s mad at them for making her look bad. It’s just embarrassing and really disrespectful,” our insider adds. Sebastian and Suki looked like they’d just hit up a gym session together, but seemed to be way more than friends with their intimate body language. He had his arm fully around her neck and shoulders in a way that goes beyond pals. They even leaned in close, nearly cheek to cheek to look at things on her phone.
Emily and Sebastian married in a quickie courthouse ceremony on Feb. 23 after just a month of dating. It caught the beauty’s fans as well as her friends completely off guard, as she only had 10 close pals with her as witnesses. Even Chrissy Teigen, 31, bemoaned on Twitter how she felt hurt and left out that she wasn’t invited when Em tied the knot with the actor-producer. Hopefully he’s learned from his too-close PDA with Suki that once you’re a married man, there was certain ways to hold a woman that only belong to your wife.

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