Fans of Taylor Swift are severely worried that the singer is having 2013 VMA flashbacks after her interaction with Mila Kunis at the May 20 Billboard Music Awards. Here’s what went down!
Mila Kunis gave Taylor Swift the award for Top Selling Album at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, but there was a bit of an awkward moment during the presentation. Before handing over the trophy, Mila was instructed to introduce a little video montage that highlighted Taylor’s success on the Billboard charts. So, she held the trophy from Taylor, who didn’t know what was going on, and told her to, “Wait, wait.” The 28-year-old had a bit of a stunned look on her face as the moment unfolded, and fans began flooding Twitter with concern that the interaction might be giving her flashbacks to her infamous VMAs debacle with Kanye West in 2013.

As we all remember all too well, Kanye jumped onstage and interrupted Taylor’s speech at the award ceremony, and fans noticed that her face during Mila’s presentation was quite similar to the one she made during the incident all those years ago. “when Mila said “before i give you this award” you could literally see the panic in Taylor’s face,” one person pointed out on Twitter. Another added, Taylor’s face when Mila told her to wait was heartbreaking. She looked so nervous for a second. It’s such a bummer that this is what it’s come to. Again, just because she has taken control over her reputation now that doesn’t erase all of the bullying she went through.”

It seemed there were no hard feelings between Taylor and Mila, though. Tay went on to give a touching speech about her fans as she accepted the award, and then the ladies even posed together backstage afterward!
Taylor also took home the award for Top Female Artist at the show. Her appearance was a surprise and not announced beforehand, so fans were super excited to see her show up — especially since it was her first award show in nearly two years!

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