Jacqueline Fernandez has worn something really off and we can’t stop disliking it! Check out the pics
Is it just us or do you see it as well? Jacqueline Fernandez is quite a stylish diva but she too has her moments in times when she decides to experiment a little. Now we’re all in for the whole ‘let’s try something new’ rampage the Bollywood divas go on time and again but not everyone manages to ace it. Like when Deepika Padukone tried the satin PJs for an IIFA event which looked very off or the time Sonam Kapoor waltzed the airport in a robe (which we’re assuming wasn’t of bath). We can point out several instances of when style experimentation on actresses has backfired but now we’ll fixate our attention on Jacqueline Fernandez. There have been a lot of times that Miss Fernandez has given us some awful fashion cues that we wish to erase outta our minds. One of those moments is this one. The actress was recently spotted on a dinner date with her crew in Mumbai. We’ll agree that she did look pretty but it was just restricted to the face. As our eyes trailed down towards her outfit, we were in for some awful off feeling with the outfit.

Okay, this is not the first time we have scrutinized an outfit and sorry to say but we’ll be doing it again because there’s something absolutely off in this ensemble. Firstly, the hair and makeup is spotless. Jacky looks super pretty. But something’s seriously wrong with the outfit that she’s wearing. Let’s talk about the weird nude bralet. What seems to be a cute spaghetti crop top took a wrong turn when the accentuation was done on the breast region. The bralet in itself looks very off in the first place. But that’s not all. The skirt again is a letdown. Do you see how a very peculiar the cut of the skirt is? That’s not really the worst part of it. It’s the piece of black and white hued cloth that has been attached to the skirt which makes the look very very off. The navy blue skirt alone with just a slit would’ve looked classy. However, the weird piece of cloth has just ruined the look altogether! Why would you do that to yourself, Jacky? You looked so damn pretty, messed plainly by what you wore.

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