Hrithik Roshan is a fitness enthusiast. Apart from ensuring that he exercises regularly, the Bollywood actor also takes care of his staff’s workouts.
For instance, while shooting at locations outside Mumbai, Hrithik ensures he and his staff members don’t miss out on their workouts.
“Hrithik makes sure he and his team either have a gym in the vicinity, or a mobile gym is assembled. Since he is particular about his diet and workout regime, he pushes his team to stay fit and healthy as well. His team is like his extended family,” says a source close to the actor.
Apparently, while shooting in places such as Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) and Bhuj (Gujarat) a few months ago, Hrithik got his team to arrange the required gym equipment for him and his team. “Since the outdoor schedule was long, he felt it was better to get a gym assembled,” says the source.

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