r The Last Man on Earth star January Jones, it was love at first sight when a hairstylist on set introduced her to Kérastase Paris. “I immediately saw a change in my hair from the first time I used it. So I just never tried anything else,” she told us. “Anything else I did happen to try didn’t have the same effect.”

So it only made sense that she pair up with the brand and become the face its newest line, Nutritive Magistral, a regimen that focuses on bringing moisture back into extremely dry hair. “[The partnership] feels organic,” she explained. “I feel comfortable talking about it and can say, ’I do use it.’“

Out now, the Nutritive Magistral collection features a shampoo, masque, fondant (conditioner) and crème, all made with the Benzoin Tree resin and the Nutritive Irisome Complex that treats even the most fragile dry hair. There is even an in-salon treatment that promises to give hair immunity to dryness in just 15 minutes. Jones, who has dyed her hair from pink to red to black, knows a thing or two about hair care. “It’s seen a lot of damage, so I’m not as keen to change it different colors anymore,” she said. “Without the masques, I feel like there’s a lot more breakage.”

After talking with her about her favorite beauty products, we’ve learned that Jones is a true avid lover of beauty who takes her skin-care just as seriously as her hair-care routine. “I love my products. I’ve tried so many things, so the things I’m using now I’m pretty set with, especially the Sisley products,” she said. “I haven’t seen my skin age since using it. I’m now afraid to stop using it!”

But most importantly, as extreme Mad Men fans, nothing makes us happier than to hear that her favorite hairdo to date was that of Betty Draper (because her most stylish moments were when she was married to Don. Sorry, Henry!). “My hair just wanted to be in that shape. I think people wanted my hair to be in that shape. [Hairstylists] would literally set it in the morning, I’d brush it out, and it would bounce back,” she recalled with a laugh. “Almost to a fault. But, like, now, when I do curl it myself, I’ll be like, Aw, man.”

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