Taylor Swift seems to have moved on since splitting from Calvin Harris.
The music superstar appeared to be cuddling up with “The Night Manager” and Marvel film franchise actor Tom Hiddleston, in photos Britain’s The Sun exclusively revealed on Wednesday.
The paper reported that the photos of Taylor and Tom (Hiddleswift? Swiddleston?) were taken on Tuesday in Rhode Island.

Access Hollywood reached out to a rep for the actor, asking if they were able to confirm if the pair is dating or if the beach shots were taken as part of a film, photo or music video shoot. The rep replied, “I’m afraid we never comment on our clients’ private lives but thank you for getting in touch.”

Since the Taylor/Tom pics made headlines across the globe on Wednesday night, outlets have been reporting on the social media activities of both Taylor and her ex, Calvin.

Both Calvin and Taylor’s Instagram accounts appear to have been scrubbed of photos of each other. And, on Wednesday afternoon, Calvin used his Instagram account to focus on work, posting two photos of Rihanna, from what People reported is a video shoot for their hit single, “This Is What You Came For.”

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