When I first saw the trailer for ‘Rough Night’, I assumed that it would be just a generic party comedy, having the first two trailers be Red Band trailers and the only green band trailer being released 2 weeks ago seemed to support that. Reviews are coming out now, and it seems like you shouldn’t judge this film from it’s trailer. Sure there is plenty of partying and drugs, but the film is about the sisterhood of friends.

In the above video walk the red carpet of the New York premiere of ‘Rough Night’. Kate McKinnon tells us why it’s a film that people should go see, Ilana Glazer talks about how a big moment was spoiled in the trailer but you won’t see it coming, Zoe Kravitz describes the film simply, Scarlett Johansson tells us how audiences can relate to these women, and Jillian Bell dives into the friendship aspect of the film.

‘Rough Night’ is in theaters June 16, 2017.

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