Selena Gomez is ready to move on with a new guy and is looking for love, a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. However, she’s just not willing to settle for anyone after her ‘intense’ relationship with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez is on the prowl and ready for love, a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. The “Back To You” singer is looking to find a new man to help distract her from Justin Bieber and his new fiancé, Hailey Baldwin. “Selena is ready for a new boyfriend ASAP. All this Justin and Hailey marriage buzz has Selena feeling emotional and ready for a new relationship to keep her mind off her ex,” the source revealed.

After the news of Justin and Hailey’s engagement hit on July 7, Selena has been taking time this summer to process the news and just have some fun, but that’s starting to get old, the source said. “Selena had been taking time to heal, hang with her girls and to work on her career, but now she is starting to feel lonely. She misses having someone to kiss and go out with on date nights and stuff.”

Selena is also having a hard time dealing with all the media coverage–since Justin and Hailey are constantly making headlines and their happiness is constantly being rubbed in her face. “Selena can’t stand hearing about Justin and Hailey anymore, she’s trying to avoid thinking about them but it’s really hard because they’re always doing something to get attention,” our insider dished. “Selena is ready and looking for a hot guy to distract her from Justin and Hailey’s constant PDA, it’s really hard not to be bothered by it.”

While Selena is eager to find a new love, her standards are understandably high. She had a great connection with Justin, despite their drama, and wants to feel something like that again. “Selena isn’t going to just settle for any guy, she wants fireworks and butterflies,” our source continued. “She obviously had major issues with Justin but the connection she had with him was so deep and intense, she wants to feel that again.”

But, it looks like she’s not having the easiest time finding someone. “She worries that if she tries to settle for someone that doesn’t make her heart race the way Justin did it will only make her miss him more. She has felt magical, wild, incredibly romantic, powerful love with Justin and she doesn’t see how she can settle for anything less. That’s why she is having a hard time finding a new guy right now,” the source added. We would love to see Selena happy in a new relationship, she deserves it!

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