After the first nominations, the Bigg Boss 12 house is ready for another drama. The first nominations saw Dipika Kakar, the Khan sisters – Saba and Somi, Kirti Verma – Roshmi Banik, Shivashish Mishra – Saurabh Patel and Srishty Rode being nominated for the first eviction. Post that, the house is also ready for the first captaincy. In the upcoming episode, the housemates will have to decide who will become the first captain in the house. As the viewers must be aware that the house is currently divided into two clans – singletons and pairs. Each team will have to choose a representative amongst themselves. And as you can imagine this leads to major drama and chaos in the house. As expected, the Khan sisters create trouble as they wish to become the contenders for the first captaincy. Opposite the two would be Kirti Verma and Roshmi Banik. Despite majority, the Khan sisters don’t agree to step down. After a lot of chaos, finally, the pairs choose Verma and Banik as their representatives.

On the other hand, the singletons have it easy without much discussion and chaos. TV actress Srishty Rode wishes to be an inmate however, the team decides to go for Dipika Kakar. As a result, now, the final war is between the two. Apparently, there would be a task to decide who will be the first captain of the house.

Well, if there is a physical task chances are that the pair might win. Or if it comes to support from the housemates, Dipika’s chances are brighter. Interestingly both the contenders are also nominated for the upcoming eviction. Captaincy would just give them immunity for the upcoming week. If the captain is evicted in the forthcoming elimination, then the other contender might become the captain in succession.

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