Udta Punjab Full movie Censor Board Copy leaked online Before The Movie Release : As we all are waiting for the film Udta Punjab now, there is a new problem for the film. The film that stars Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles has now fell into a problem. Udta punjab has successfully cleared all the problems including the censor and other struggles but finally the film’s pirated version is out on internet even before the film’s theatrical release. As of now, the makers and the cast, crew are happy that court is on their side. The cast and crew of the film were rejoicing court’s order as it suggested only a single cut. Now, the shocking reports from the Mumbai reveal that the film was found online. The pirated version of the censor copy of the udta punjab film ( udata punjab ) is out on internet In torrents as udta punjab censor board hd print rip even this links sharing on facebook and whatsapp and the makers are highly disappointed about that now. the below is complete details about this leak.
There were screenshots from the pirated copy that are available on some news portals and several people on Whatsapp are sharing the links and the screenshots of the film in a big manner. This leakage is certainly not good for the film unit and it is really bad on part of some people. The makers should have the freedom of protecting their content but these type of things is killing the patience of the film makers. Some one from the censor board must have did this and this is certainly not good to any of the parties. Both film makers and censor board members should support each other.

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