They’re here! The first photos of Khloe Kardashian’s figure following her pregnancy have arrived! Take a look!
Khloe Kardashian was spotted out and about in Cleveland, giving fans the first peek at her post-baby figure on Sunday, May 6! Per usual, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star rocked skintight athleisure attire, highlighting her incredible booty! In the images, she and a friend casually stroll through a park, attempting to keep a low profile. All the while the curvaceous reality star pushes a stroller containing Baby True, but she’s carefully covered under a blanket most of the time. However, one lucky passerby got to take a peek. So jealous! SEE THE PIC RIGHT HERE.

This images arrived just after fans learned that KoKo actually attended Tristan Thompson‘s, 27, game on Saturday, May 4, when he squared off against the Toronto Raptors. She rocked a full-length leopard-print coat that handily covered her figure as she took in the game, which the Cavaliers won 105-103! Her attendance at the game follows another sighting which was even more telling — when the 33-year-old reality star was spied dining out with Tristan on May 4, a sure sign that their relationship is on the mend following an absolute avalanche of cheating allegations leveled at the NBA star.
As diehard fans know, in the days leading up to Khloe giving birth to their baby daughter, both videos and photos surfaced allegedly showing Tristan kissing and motorboating women. There’s even photos allegedly showing the baller taking random females to his hotel room. And yet, we’re hearing that she’s going to give him another change.
“At the end of the day Khloe decided that keeping her family together is the most important thing of all, so she decided to stay with Tristan and make it work,”. “She’s made it clear to him that she won’t tolerate any more embarrassing incidents, and if anything like this happens again then she’s on the first plane back to California. Tristan has given her his word that he won’t mess up again, and Khloe is choosing to believe him.”

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