Sana Khan minces no words as she talks about her journey in Bollywood and mentor Salman Khan
The ex-Bigg Boss hottie on her second innings, her perceived mentor Salman and more in free-wheeling chat
Though she did a role in Salman Khan’s Jai Ho, it was her stint on Bigg Boss 6 that got Sana Khan more eyeballs. The actress’ has had a relatively successful career down South, but her journey in Bollywood has been quite arduous so far. Now, with films like Wajah Tum Ho and Tom Dick Harry 2 (TDH), her career in B-Town seems to be finally looking up. Here, Sana gets candid about her career in a free-wheeling interview..

There is buzz that your role is a bold one in Wajah Tum Ho?

Well, bold can also be in terms of performance. It is a fierce character, I play a lawyer. It is a very well-written role. The film has songs, there is a bit of masala, which could be ‘steamy’ (laughs). In a film, you have two people romancing, crying, fighting, so you’ll also have them love-making. It is not a big deal. I am happy with the feedback I’m getting so far for my performance. It is heartening.

You did your first Bollywood film in 2005. This is sort of a second innings for you. Are you more confident now?

Everyone works hard in this industry. However, it takes time to get good work. Some get it quite late. It is a frustrating and confusing journey, but I feel I have been patient. I won’t say doing Jai Ho was a wrong decision. People said I was camera-friendly and the film had some truly big names. Salman (Khan) was a calming influence during its making.

Would you describe Salman Khan as your mentor?

Honestly, I would say I mentored myself. I struggled to get work, but now I am more confident. I do not have a Godfather in the industry. The fact that people have appreciated my work in Wajah Tum Ho is heart-warming and my confidence is higher.

But you are perceived as Salman Khan’s protégé…

I would not mind being linked to him, work-wise! It is a nice link-up but I am on my own out here.

Do you take advice from him or someone else before signing a project?

People have different perceptions about films. In the process of seeking others’ approval, you end up at home doing nothing. And if you’re jobless, no one will come and give you that dream project. You bag A-list projects only after proving yourself. I am glad that Deepak Tijori has believed in me and signed me for the film. I have to now deliver my best. I am really thankful to Bhushan Kumar for Wajah Tum Ho. The people who support you in your lean phase are the ones who matter 1000 times more than others. I would like to clarify that I have never begged for work though I am an outsider. Nor do I have sources who call up filmmakers and pitch me for projects. Whatever I have got is due to my confidence that I can deliver. No one spoke for me.

There were rumours that you went under the knife recently…

People can check my social media accounts. I have not been missing socially at all. If you do a major surgery, you can’t be partying for a month, at least. I have been attending social dos throughout. I don’t think I have a great body. I am working hard to look more toned and chiselled. My face still looks the same. I have a tendency to put on weight so I am careful about my diet. I have the body of an Indian woman and always tell my costume designer that I am not skinny. The clothes have to flatter my natural shape. Everything looks big on 70mm (laughs). Honestly, I don’t get the hullabaloo about surgery. What’s the big deal? Nowadays, girls who don’t belong to the industry get lifts/enhancements done. There are applications to make us look prettier. I am not anti-cosmetic surgery. If I feel it will make a world of difference, I will opt for it. However, I feel that shortcuts don’t work. And I won’t do a treatment because others are doing it. We saw so many actresses doing botox/filler on lips and all didn’t look great on camera.

Do you follow Bigg Boss?

I follow every season. I was always a fan of the show. I had a great journey on Bigg Boss and it gave me fame to achieve my dreams. It was a godsend in my life. I would recommend the show to every struggler. I tell my friends to go for it and use the platform in the correct manner. You can come out as a loved figure or a psychopath, it depends on you.

There are reports that Salman is getting hitched to Iulia Vantur. What is your reaction?

It is good for her. He is an individual who is single and rocking at 50! I don’t understand why people are behind his ass for getting hitched! He is happy where he is.

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