Ranveer Singh talks about the Befikre trailer, nudity and much more….
Ranveer Singh has always been comfortable in his skin, as well as with skin show. From the oiled-up torso in Gunday, to the Ang Laga De song, with a dangerously low dhoti around his waist to now, in the Befikre trailer, he walks into a club wearing just a red Speedo. Ranveer seems to love shedding clothes. While filming the scene, he was ready to do as many takes as required till director Aditya Chopra was happy. Despite shooting the scene in a public space, the actor was extremely comfortable dressed simply in briefs. But there was no awkwardness. As Ranveer Singh reveals, “I have no problem with nudity. I am not an exhibitionist, I am extremely comfortable in my skin. People say actors nangey log hote hain, that doesn’t mean they are literally naked. It means when an actor is performing, it is completely convincing, but they are acting, they don’t really feel it.”

He continues, “Actors have their bag of tricks and tools that they employ. They are so effective that the audiences are convinced that the actor is feeling the emotions. I am not from that school.” About his ‘brief’ moment, he adds, “Me wearing the Speedo is just the physical aspect of it and means very little as opposed what I am actually putting out there. I am naked to another level and it has more to do with my soul. If you wear your soul, you can’t be more naked than that.”

However, Ranveer Singh is not the only actor to strip in the film. We see the lead actress – Vaani Kapoor also stripping in front of quite a few men in the trailer! Looks like both the actors had completely immersed themselves in their characters while shooting for Befikre. Ain’t that cool? Befikre marks the comeback of Aditya Chopra to direction. After a long hiatus, Adi is back and he has totally gone all out in this film. Befikre is now the BOLDEST film from Yash Raj Films’ stable and we are super excited to see the actual story of the film. We will see Ranveer and Vaani kiss as many as 28 times in the movie. In fact, we hear that Ranveer will also flaunt his butt as he strips completely during one particular scene in Befikre! Interesting, na?

efikre releases on December 9, which is also Adira’s (daughter of Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji) birthday. Befikre celebrates the Parisian style of love and romance and after looking at the trailer, we guess a touching story lies within the romance too. What do you guys have to say about Ranveer’s confession about nudity? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments section below! Also check out the trailer right here:

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