Over the last decade, leading Bollywood actors have embraced the role of becoming fitness icons. From Ranveer Singh to Bipasha Basu and, for a brief while, even Shah Rukh Khan — all have sported the perfect physique and flaunted a much-envied set of 6-pack abs, thanks to the efforts of their trainers.

Vinod Channa, one such trainer who has been in the fitness industry for over 22 years, shares what it took for these 7 celebrities to achieve their goals.

Channa is an expert in 16 different types of workouts such as parkour, kalaripayattu and TRX, and is well-recognised in the industry for his expertise in body sculpting, corrective exercise, sports performance training and functional strength training.

Channa was responsible for the huge transformation in Anant Ambani’s physique, and is currently training John Abraham for his upcoming films, Force 2 and Dishoom. The secret, he says, is that there are no short-cuts to working on yourself. Hard work must be put in, and a routine diet is 80 percent of the battle won.

Here are the workouts of seven among the many celebrities that he has trained over the years.

Who? John Abraham
What he had to work on: Abs

Why? Abs are the hardest part of the body to lose fat from. The stomach has four muscles that need to be worked on.

How to do it: Perform crunches and leg raises for your rectus abdominus. Cross crunches and cross leg raises will help work your internal and external oblique muscles, and use plank exercises to develop the transversus abdominus.
Who? Shilpa Shetty

What she had to work on: Hip, core, and lower body

Why? Shilpa was suffering from lower back and knee problems. We had to strengthen the muscles in and around these areas, such as the hip, inner thigh, outer thigh and core.

How to do it: Perform squats. Wide squats work well to strengthen the hips, and add an extra ab workout. Other exercises, for Shilpa, included plank crunches, side planks and the L-sit hold.

Who? Riteish Deshmukh
What he had to work on: Gaining muscle overall.

Why? When we started working together, Riteish was very thin. There was no muscle in his body and he had a healthy fat percentage that needed to be reduced. We focussed on his chest, back, mid-section and lower body.

How to do it: Plan a 3-day workout: Exercise your chest, shoulder, triceps on Monday. Then work on your back and biceps for Wednesday, and finish on Friday with an intense leg workout. Focus on a 45-minute high-intensity routine every day.

Who? Ayushmann Khurrana
What he had to work on: Ayushmann has an ectomorph body type, and needed to gain muscle overall.

Why? Ayushmann’s body doesn’t gain fat or muscle easily. While his stomach was in good shape, we had to focus on upper body workouts, especially the chest, back and arm area. So we focussed on pull ups and rows for his back and a heavy workout for chest and arms to gain muscle.

How to do it: Perform decline and incline bench presses to build up the chest. Add dumbbell flies and parallel bar workouts. Use dumbbells for a heavy arm workout.

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