Check out Ranveer Singh’s promotional look for his upcoming film Gully Boy…
While we haven’t seen Ranveer Singh step out for Padmavati promotions, the actor is already promoting his upcoming film, Gully Boy. With the ongoing controversy around Padmavati, the actor stayed away from its promotions to avoid further trouble. Due to this, the release of the film had been pushed ahead from December 1. Post all the drama, Ranveer gave award shows a miss, but he is often spotted around the city.
Post the wrap up of his Padmavati schedule, Ranveer was seen visiting a salon where he shaved his Padmavati beard and got a new haircut for his upcoming film, Gully Boy. Not just that, post the makeover, Ranveer stepped out of the salon donning a T-shirt of Rapper Biggie which he paired with funky animal printed shorts. One can surely not miss the stereo box he is seen carrying along with him. This was not the only time, though. Ever since then the actor has been spotted donning T-shirts with reference to the famous singers and rappers and is going all out with to promote Gully Boy. Ranveer is yet to shoot the first schedule of the film and has started it’s promotions already. Padmavati, on the other hand, is yet struggling for a release dates due to the riots. Check out the pictures of the actor promoting Gully Boy below…





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