Sridevi passed away at 54 on February 24 in Dubai. Her last rites are being performed at the moment in Mumbai. It was a long, tedious process to repatriate Sridevi’s mortal remains to India. The authorities in Dubai are strict with death cases on their home turf. It took foreign officials three days to hand over Sridevi’s body to Indian authorities and her husband Boney Kapoor. In this time of crisis, Sridevi’s last co-star Adnan Siddiqui was utmost helpful.

For the uninitiated, Adnan played Sridevi’s husband in the 2016 revenge drama Mom. The two actors shared a great bond and with each other and continued to stay in touch through phone calls and text messages, even after the film released. When the news about Sridevi’s body being found in a hotel room reached Adnan, he rushed to the venue and in fact, he was one of the first ones to be there. He is familiar with the city like home and his contacts were going to be very useful for the next few days.

Back in 2016, Sridevi and Adnan had survived a crisis together. Due to the state of India’s ban on Pakistani artists, Sridevi had to bear the sole responsibility of promoting Mom without her co-stars, which also included Sajal Ali. The actress missed her co-stars dearly and was hurt, upset for not being able to promote the movie together. It was something she never got over. We know the Pakistani actors must have felt the same. You don’t come out of an emotionally difficult time like this without a bond strengthened more than ever.


It is this very bond, that kept Adnan running to every person he knew in Dubai and calling every number in his phone directory to keep the process of repatriation running smoothly for Sridevi’s family. He played a huge role in getting the documentation completed for the process of bringing Sridevi’s mortal remains back home.

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