She is sizzling! Nicki Minaj shocked everyone with the release of her racy cover for ‘Paper’ Magazine on Nov. 14. But is her cover sexier than Kim Kardashian’s? See the pic!

Triple the sexy! Nicki Minaj, 34, took to Instagram on Nov. 14 when she revealed her extremely racy cover photo for Paper Magazine and we are flabbergasted to say the least! “Wanna Minaj?,” the caption to her photo read. The cover features a mock off of Nicki’s last name, reading “Minaj A Trois” and shows three digitally put together Nicki photos all posing in different sexy barely there outfits. One image of Nicki is dressed in a tight cut-out light pink mini dress leaning onto a sitting image of a topless Nicki with pasties on her bare breasts. The third Nicki photo is in a black leather bodysuit leaning into the thighs of the sitting Nicki and holding her tongue out. Talk about provocative!

The issue that Nicki is in is considered the “break the internet” issue and we can definitely see why! The singer has never been afraid to show off her luscious curves but she still shocked us with this! her confident and strong demeanor is a favorite of her fans and it looks like there’s no stopping her when it comes to flaunting what she’s got! Nicki isn’t the first one to turn heads with a crazy Paper Magazine cover though. Kim Kardashian‘s nude cover caused major headlines as well.

In a total contrast of news, Nicki’s recently made headlines due to her brother being found guilty in a terrible child rape case. The “Superbass” singer never testified during the month long trial but did pay $100, 000 to bail him out of jail when he was first arrested. She hasn’t made any official statement yet on the unfortunate case.

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