At an event in Dubai, guests were more than excited to see Pakistani actor Mahira Khan sharing the stage with Bollywood’s star Ranbir Kapoor. However, little did they know that the two were not having as good a time as it appears to be. Well, that’s what we are guessing, going by the videos we have come across. In fact, one of the videos from the backstage has left us completely puzzled. In one video, we see Mahira pleading with Ranbir. Can you guess what’s happening?
In another video, Ranbir is seen saying something to Mahira who walks off without responding. Is all well between the two?
While the two were cordial with each other in front of others, they seemed to be in some kind of stress, especially Mahira, when the cameras were switched off. They perhaps did not realise that their fans always notice them, no matter what.

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