What would you do if you heard stories of your husband or boyfriend cheating? Cry on your girlfriend’s shoulder, maybe? That’s exactly what Rasheeda, 34, is doing. The devastated Love & Hip Hop reality star is completely falling apart after hearing of Kirk Frost‘s, 47, alleged baby mama. “Rasheeda has been crying to Tiny, 41, unraveling even,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Tiny’s been there for her keeping her in check. Rasheeda loves Kirk and wants their marriage to survive this, the same way Tiny’s marriage to T.I did.”
If there’s anyone who can understand what Rasheeda is going through, it’s Tiny. The Xscape singer filed for divorce from T.I a few months ago but has been trying to work things out. When she found out that T.I brought another woman, Kristen Ingram, to a Super Bowl party, she completely flipped her lid. Tiny thought her hubby was cheating, and even snooped through his texts and emails to find proof. It seems like she didn’t find anything concrete since they’re still together! If Tiny and T.I can work out their issues, there’s no reason why Rasheeda and Kirk can’t.

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