Are Rakul preet Singh and Rana Daggubati dating? Let’s find out.
In the film industry, when two people are caught hanging out with each other, there is always a whiff of an alleged affair or a relationship. Since it concerns two celebrities, it always becomes a bigger deal than usual. Two such actors who have been recently linked are Rakul Preet Singh and Rana Daggubati. But in an interview with Hindustan Times, the actress has finally put to rest the rumours of her dating Rana Daggubati. She said, “We’ve been hearing this for such a long time and (we) can’t help but laugh. This is just a rumour. Rana and I are very good friends. He’s there for me whenever I need him. I stay in Hyderabad, away from family, and there I have a group of 15-20 friends. Rana and I are a part of the group. So, we often hang out together and are neighbours, too. In the group, only two-three (people) are single, and we’re among them. And I think people tend to link those who are single.”

In fact, she has asked her friends to look for somebody. “In fact, I often tell my friends, ‘Guys, find me someone, what are you doing?’ And they are on it,” joked the actress in the same interview. “On a serious note, I want to concentrate on my work. When love happens, I’d prefer to announce it rather than hide it,” the actress concluded.

In the past Rana Daggubati has also been linked to Shriya Saran. But the actress laughed it off saying they were friends and nothing else. Interestingly, these two also had common friends. “So we have a lot of mutual friends. Rana is a dear friend, and there’s nothing more to it,” stated the actress in an Indiatimes Interview.

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