Well, that was fast! Justin Bieber was spotted wearing a ring on his left finger while out with Hailey Baldwin on June 20. Are they engaged?! See the wild photo here!

When you know, you just know. One week after former exes Justin Bieber, 24, and Hailey Baldwin, 21, were spotted getting cozy at a club in Miami, Justin was photographed wearing a ring on THAT finger while out with his model love on June 20. Although the pair do seem pretty happy together, we weren’t expecting them to make things so serious so fast! However, we’ve just learned it’s only a prank, according to TMZ. A source explained to the outlet that, Justin wanted to troll the paparazzi just to get a reaction. And of course, JB has caused a lot of buzz. A fan even took to Twitter to share a photo of Justin in the ring captioned, “did Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin get married? I cannot be the only one that notices that Justin never really wears jewelry, and he’s got a ring on his left ring finger?!?!” Good one, Justin!

While the prank appears to be really innocent, we have a feeling not everyone will be amused, specifically JB’s other ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, 25. Selena was pretty crushed to hear Justin and Hailey are back together. “Selena is doing her best to not pay attention to what Justin is up to, but it’s impossible. Her friends text her and tell her what is going on constantly. She enjoys being single but knowing Justin is moving on still hurts,” a source close to the “Wolves” .

We can certainly understand Sel’s frustration. I mean, Justin and Hailey have not been shy about showing off their romance. In addition to the ring photo, they were spotted having a wild make out session in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Park on June 17. But, that’s not all.

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