Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are friendship goals! The pals snuck off to drink wine at the downstairs bar at the Dolby Theatre on March 4, and it’s clear they’re just like us. Throughout the 90th Academy Awards, the gorgeous actresses were seen laughing and joking together in the audience. They even accompanied each other to the bathroom. Relatable, right? Jennifer also made fun of her friend’s 2017 La La Land debacle, after Jimmy Kimmel told the crowd not to “get up right away,” when you hear your name called. Because we all remember when announcers mistakingly called La La Land instead of Moonlight at last year’s Oscars. Emma’s embarrassed face has even become a gif!

The Oscars proved to be an eventful night for Jennifer. In addition to trolling her bestie, Jennifer was caught climbing over seats inside the venue. As we previously reported, The Red Sparrow actress held her glass of white wine in one hand and her dress in the other. Who knew she could make being clumsy looks so glamorous?! And even though cameras caught the hilarious moment, she didn’t seem to mind. We love her confidence! Jen looked absolutely stunning in a gold sequin dress, and her hair was styled in bouncy waves.

Her bestie Emma looked just as chic in a satin red suit. She always puts an edgy twist on her red carpet looks, and we’re so here for it. Making the ensemble even more sexy, Emma went completely braless. She pulled the suit together with bone straight hair and silver jewelry. She and Jennifer are definitely best dressed in our book. Well, you know what they say, “friends that slay together, stay together.”

Oscars 2018 Best Dressed

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