In a parody video of the ‘100 layer’ trend on YouTube, vlogger and comedian Jenna Marbles posted a hysterical video wearing 100 layers of foundation, nail polish, hairspray, spray tan, liquid lipstick and lashes! You have to watch it below!

Jenna Marbles is my hero. Talk about dedication. The YouTube star poked playful fun at some other beauty YouTubers who have applied 100 layers of nail polish or 100 layers of foundation in recent videos.

The result? A hysterical video after almost 8 HOURS of applying product!

Jenna’s commentary throughout the video is priceless. At only 10 layers, she was starting to look crazy!

“This only came from a place of pure curiosity,” she told viewers.

At the end, she looked like a ridiculous cartoon character, or as she compared herself, like Janice the Muppet.

As far as 100 layers of hairspray, she admits it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. “I thought it would be more brittle. It feels like I put nail polish in my hair.”

After taking off 100 false lashes (50 on each eye), she said: “I’m surprised I have any eyelashes left.”

But the foundation was the worst part! I’m not sure if my face can ever be clean again, she laughed. I can’t imagine how many makeup removing wipes she had to use to get it all off!

The video took 7 and a half hours to film! “I gave it my all. I saw you beauty community and I raised you 500 other coats of everything.”

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