Spiderman fans rejoice! Marvel gave a glimpse into the upcoming ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ movie at Comic Con on July 24, and the fandom is going absolutely crazy over the first shots of Tom Holland as Peter Parker. See it right here!
Tom Holland is officially Spider-Man! The 20-year-old actor made his debut as Peter Parker in the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming during Comic Con in San Diego, kicking off the Spider-Man hype that will likely be here to stay until the movie comes out July 7, 2017.

Between fighting bad guys, lifting metal structures, and plenty of web slinging, the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer is everything any major superhero/Marvel fan could want. Luckily for those who weren’t able to make it to Comic Con, one sneaky fan recorded the whole trailer! Watch it below:

Spider-Man: Homecoming has been promised to be as close to the original comic books as possible, with Tom portraying the most similar version of Peter Parker of all the film adaptions to date (who would’ve thought you could beat Tobey Maguire!). Along with the scrounged up videos, Marvel also released the first concept art shot from the film, which looks even more like a comic book than the video clips!

As if the teaser trailer isn’t cool enough already, what makes it even crazier is that the cast literally started filming Spider Man: Homecoming just one week before showing the TV video. Yep, they already had that much awesome footage from just one week of filming!

Considering the movie doesn’t even come out until next summer, this trailer is such a tease — we don’t want to have to wait another year! But if the movie is anywhere near as thrilling as the minute-and-a-half long teaser, we certainly think it’ll be worth the wait!

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