Complete your cardio session at home and proceed to the gym for a new workout routine.
Don’t lose hope if you haven’t lost a lot of weight in few months. It’s about staying fit and not just losing weight. Record the difference in stamina and energy that you experience to motivate you more. While you eat right, exercise regularly and sleep on time, go that extra mile to see better weight loss results.
Morning – Bed tea may sound very fascinating but it comes with its share of negative effects on your body. If you feel like drinking a cup of masala chai or herbal tea this morning, walk to your window or balcony and enjoy it while watching people or plants. Here’s why bed tea is best avoided.
Breakfast – Skipping breakfast definitely leads to weight gain and so don’t leave home without it. If you are in a hurry, opt for a quick parantha with sabzi that you may have made for your kids’ lunchbox or eat boiled eggs or oats porridge. Ensure that you don’t make these breakfast mistakes.
Lunch – You need to add green vegetables or some pulses to your diet to up your mineral and iron intake. Recipes like the green gram pancakes are ideal for lunch-on-the-go and are nutritious and filling. You can have it with a healthy chutney, simple sabzi or curd.
Snacks – Bhel is an amazingly tasty and healthy snack. The onions, coriander, lime juice and chillies tantalize your taste buds perfectly. With such healthy snacks in the evening, you won’t realize you are following some diet.
Dinner – Barley is another magic ingredient that must be stored in your pantry. You can make a quick barley soup on a night when you don’t feel like cooking anything elaborate. Adding lots of veggies to it will make it more nutritious and filling.
At home – Complete your cardio exercises at home so you can focus on specific exercises at the gym. These 3 simple cardio exercises can be done at home without any equipment. They also improve your metabolism and blood circulation.
Yoga – The chair pose or uthkatasana is an ideal pose for strengthening your spine and back muscles. It will also help you lose the stubborn belly fat and tone your hips and thighs.
At the gym – If you are newbie to back exercises, then these 4 basic back exercises are ideal for you. After all, a sculpted and toned back not only improves your posture but makes you look fitter and lean.
Sleep well tip – If the weather is getting hotter and disturbing your night sleep, take a shower right before going to bed. It will relax your body and give you a peaceful night sleep. You can also try these expert tips to help you sleep better during hot summer nights.
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