This is exactly what stars like Gigi Hadid and Ellie Goulding swear by.

When it comes to maintaining a strong, stable core, celebrities have to work just as hard as we do to make it happen. However, unlike most of us, they’ve got all-star trainers on speed-dial to help them pull it off—so naturally, we decided to do you (and your soon-to-be six pack) a solid by providing you with the next best thing.
The Trainer: Marxel Leobez, celebrity trainer at BoxUnion in Santa Monica, California

The Moves: Side Lunge/Twist Punch/Standing Jab Cross

Why They Rock: “This is a five-for-one movement combo that challenges the body to play with the field of motion through core engagement, while also pulling the abdominal wall tight and tout through the alternating motion of jab-cross punches at varied speeds,” says Leobez. It’s a super quick and effective way to shred the core and sculpt the side core for that lean, hourglass shape.

The Setup: Widen your legs with toes facing forward and palms to heart. Flatten your back and suck navel to spine to engage your core and lean over as you lunge from side to side. As you redistribute your weight, keep your body low and really put your weight into each side.

Side-to-Side Lunge (30x): Lean from side to side, creating an exaggerated bounce at a fast pace.

Twist Punch (30x): Continue lunging and reach/punch down, opposite hand to foot, twisting your abdominals and tightening your core.

Jab Cross (30x): Still lunging, rise up and begin to jab cross at a moderate pace, with full rotations of your core, pelvis squared. Jab cross as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Repeat the entire sequence two more times.

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