On the latest episode of ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ the family unknowingly becomes one step closer to being reunited, while Victor faces a life-or-death scenario after a surprising attack leaves him helpless.

This episode starts a little differently the others, as we’re faced with a group of strangers trying to escape the community where Nick (Frank Dillane) has been staying. It’s a family of three, a mother, father, and their little girl, and they appear to be making their great escape from the safe haven in the morning. The community is dead quiet, which allows them to move through it without being noticed. Unfortunately they still have to escape through the group of walkers that are trapped at the entrance, which obviously makes things difficult. The father kills a walker and drags his body inside the bus, which is apparently the only entrance to where the walkers are. The mother covers the little girl’s eyes as the father tears the walker open, and a moment later we see the three of them exiting the bus covered in blood.

The family makes it out without a scratch, but within just feet of their exit a pickup truck appears in the distance. The group tries to hide, but unfortunately they are spotted and the truck pulls right up to them. Two guys get out and demand to know where they came from, but the family doesn’t spill. When one of the men starts demanding “the oxy,” it’s clear that these are some of the gang members who run the supermarket. The father tells him they’ve left the “colonia” so they don’t know anything, but the gang member doesn’t buy it. They pack all three family members into the their truck and drive away, which is not a good sign for the quiet community where Nick is. Needless to say, the clock is probably ticking on their little safe haven.

After the credits we finally catch up with Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), who has Victor’s (Colman Domingo) truck and is on the run after leaving her group behind at the resort. She pulls over at what looks to be a restaurant and makes her way inside, using a hammer from the truck to kill the one walker she encounters. The rest of the place is empty, making her very lucky in this instance. Sadly, we quickly learn she’s been there before as she steps outside onto the patio and we’re brought into a flashback. The restaurant is open, with Ofelia having a meal with a man on the patio as the ocean roars behind them. It’s her boyfriend who has just revealed that he’s taken a job in Santa Fe, then asks her to come with him. She says she can’t, but when a drink is put down before her she realizes there’s something in the glass: a ring.

“I don’t want to do this without you,” he tells her as he places the ring on her left finger. Ofelia’s in tears and overjoyed, but she hesitates to say yes. The man quickly sees that she’s concerned about her parents and tells her they will be fine, but Ofelia is still unsure. It ends with her agreeing to talk to her mother about it first, and then they start to kiss in excitement.

It’s unclear why Ofelia came here, especially when we’re left watching her pull gas from the truck into a container. Is she ditching the truck, or is she trying to make the restaurant a home?

Victor Is Unexpectedly Attacked
When we are brought back to the resort, Madison’s (Kim Dickens) plan to secure the place is still underway. The front gate has been chained up, a makeshift fence has been built, and we see that they have started to plant crops in the yard. We continue to watch as they get the electric going again, Victor cleans the bar and treats himself to an ice cold drink, and others go fishing on the pier. In an even more surprising turn, Hector (Ramses Jiminez) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) are learning how to surf on the beach as if nothing is wrong and they are just on vacation together. It’s bizarre, but they seem content in forgetting the world has ended outside of their gates.

Madison comes to get Alicia so they can confer with Elena (Karen Bethzabe) and Victor about how to keep the generators running. They start to make a plan until there’s a knock at the door. Victor is the one who opens it, and when he does it’s the bride’s mother, Ilene (Brenda Strong), who greets him by stabbing him in the abdomen with a steak knife. Victor immediately starts bleeding out as the mother reminds him that he took her daughter from her, then drops the knife before running off. I’ve got to admit, I did NOT see that coming.

Victor does not seem to be doing well, but Oscar’s brother, Andres (Raul Casso) was in medical school when everything went to hell. He examines Victor and doesn’t think that any organs were hit which is good, but he’s still losing a lot of blood. They need an antibiotic and another drug that will produce red blood cells since they can’t do a transfusion, and Elena reveals that she knows a place where they might be able to find it — but it’s a “drive.” Could she be taking them to the same supermarket where Nick and Luciana (Danay Garcia) have been going?

Madison refuses to leave without making a decision about Ilene, and this is when we really see her put her leadership skills to use. She announces that Ilene stay locked up and watched “indefinitely,” then declares that if anyone else so much as raises a hand to another they will be exiled. Everyone agrees, because Madison makes a good point: they can’t have violence in their new home. As we’ve seen on other shows (ahem, The Walking Dead) that usually only destroys a place from the inside out.

Nick’s Colonia Is In Serious Danger
Speaking of, Nick and Luciana are both shirtless in bed when a knock comes to the door. Luciana throws on a shirt and answers to be greeted by one of the guys who should be out getting water. He tells her that Francisco (Alfredo Herrera) is gone and he took his whole family, which sets off a bunch of alarm bells for all of them. The guy also says that he won’t go to the supermarket without his partner, who was Francisco, so Nick and Luciana volunteer to go while the others figure out what to do. Before they leave they stop by Alejandro’s (Paul Calderon) to tell him, and that leads him to gathering the people of their community together so he can deliver a speech that will hopefully put their concerns at bay.

Unfortunately, Alejandro doesn’t seem to be doing well. He delivers the powerful speech but he’s sweaty, nervous, and even seems a little anxious. When Luciana tells him they are leaving to get water he accuses her of going to meet Francisco, which seriously offends her. Alejandro refuses to let them leave, but both Luciana and Nick are concerned because apparently the gang members were expecting them to deliver oxy today — which explains why they were out looking for people when Francisco left.

Once they return to Nick’s room he tells Luciana they still have to go, but she refuses to budge. She reminds him that they are there because of Alejandro so they must listen to him, but Nick is quick to correct her: he’s there because of her. It doesn’t persuade Luciana at all, but it was a nice try.

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