In a candid interview with Bollywood Life, Ekta Kapoor talks about how ALT Balaji has brought out the most honest and passionate story-teller in her
It is close to 11pm on a Saturday night but the odd timing is the last thing on my mind. After having watched a few episodes of her new web-series airing on ALT Balaji, there are zillion questions on my mind for Ekta Kapoor. Does she find it annoying being always referred to as a soap queen despite her radical projects? For some who almost single-handedly changed the economics of the TV industry, how does she gauge returns for her new digital platform? Dressed in an off-shoulder black tea-length body-hugging dress with matching heels, she is all dressed for a party later in the night. We can sense that catching up with friends is high on her mind but her mood changes once we start talking about ALT Balaji.

She says straight away that she is extremely proud of whatever she has done on TV, which has got her the audience of nanis and dadis but then she’s an single woman with ‘urban’ issues. ALT Balaji for her is the platform to tell the kind of stories she wants to without making her loyal audience squirm while watching them as it can be for more private viewing. But that does not mean sex. There is a lot of porn available on the Net, but you cannot engage an audience with only sleaze, she opines. This explains why bold content is curtailed in all the shows.

In the interview, she also talks about Naagin and how she takes the jokes on it in her stride. Ekta also reveals which of her projects she would like to show first to her nephew, Laksshya and it will surprise you. Throughout the interview, you can sense the energy in her voice when she talks about work and that’s what makes her stand out. She is extremely excited about The Test Case, which has Nimrat Kaur in the lead. “It is the series, which is closest to my heart,” she says. Ekta fully supports the idea of women being in combat and feels “Patriotism is not just a man’s prerogative.” She also elaborates about the Israeli army and its machinations. We don’t wish to let out more on what she’s said but Ekta’s articulation, wit and enthusiasm in the video will surely blow you over. Over and above this, she also talks about the meeting with Smriti Irani in Delhi…So, don’t miss this!

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