Yo Yo Honey Singh got a makeover but looks like it didn’t go well…
Yo Yo Honey Singh is one of the most successful singers, composers and rappers in Bollywood till a few years back, however his latest tracks haven’t been up to the mark. He has given us several hits over the years, but recently, his sudden disappearance from media glare made a lot of news. There were also talks about a fight with Shah Rukh Khan during their the Slam Tour, which was organised to promote Happy New Year. Honey Singh was part of a singing reality show which hospitalised in 2014. And after a year of recovery, Honey Singh was back. Honey Singh looked good in his new slope haircut with golden highlights which was an uber cool style statement that he set for youngsters to follow. However, now it seems he got a scary makeover!

Honey Singh has undergone a massive transformation over the past few months and looks like he has added a few kilos since the last time we saw him. But that’s not it! He has even grown a beard and moustache and while people have great makeovers, Honey Singh’s looks won’t give you the same feeling. The beard and moustache that he has grown, doesn’t seem to suit him. Plus the baggy eyes imply that he hasn’t been a 100 per cent well… Overall, he doesn’t look that great…

Honey Singh has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the past month. Not only has his songs been bashed, his latest film – Zorawar tanked at the box office too. Honey Singh and Badshah‘s rivalry also came into light recently when news about when Honey called himself a Rolls Royce and Badshah a Nano. The latter obviously had a fitting comeback for the same. He had said that Nano was more visible on the road than Rolls Royce. According to a daily, both had bumped into each other and indulged in some pushing and shoving. The daily claimed that both Badshah and Honey Singh were invited to a party in Delhi hosted by a common friend recently. Both of them even attended the do. And when they crossed paths, things got ugly. As reported, they got into a heated argument which led to a scuffle. Some pushing and shoving also took place. In fact, things got so heated that guests had to intervene.

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