Priyanka Chopra’s recent looks have been a sheer disappointment!

Priyanka Chopra is a celeb who rarely goes wrong with her fashion choices. She’s stunner in reel and real life as well. We adore her fashion picks and the way she nails them every time. She’s blessed with a persona that can carry anything and everything and she’s smart enough to use it to her advantage. While there are days when we can’t stop gushing about this pretty actress and the way she carries herself, her recent appearances sadly have a different tale to tell. They aren’t thw worst but aren’t great either. And if we were asked to describe it in a few words, we would just say, it has categorically gone from good to bad to worst. Her recent style choices fail to strike a chord with fashion followers like us and we wonder if there’s something wrong with her. PeeCee is usually known to make heads turn wherever she goes, and though she continues to do so even now. Only the reason is exactly the opposite.
Priyanka Chopra’s last two appearances have forced us to scratch our heads and come to a conclusion as to where’s she is going wrong really. Opting for one disastrous outfits after another, Priyanka needs someone to shake her and interrogate! Seeing her commit such fashion blunders almost breaks our heart and we wish if all this were just a dream! Opting for a 13denim black sweater with pink jacket and black thigh high boots, there was nothing good that we could pick from her #OOTN. We loved her boots (they rarely disappoint) but not her sweater definitely! And if that wasn’t enough, PeeCee had to ruin a combination as safe as black and white. She picked a white sweater with pearls from Rag and Bone and pairing it with black leather skirt from 31 Phillip Lim. We loved her red box bag from the house of Ximena Kavalekas but sadly that was the only thing we loved from her entire look for the night. She isn’t usually the one who likes to make such horrible choices but then again, everyone has a bad day, right? There were days when we had a tough time picking her best look from the day and now we wonder which was the worst!


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