Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees deserves a sequel!

Just a week more and Shah Rukh Khan’s 2017 gangster drama, Raees will complete a year. Those grey shades of SRK’s character were loved by his critics and fans just got another reason to love their favourite star. One of the biggest releases of last year, Raees is still touted as one of the actor’s finest performances. We loved ‘Raees Alam’ and only Shah Rukh Khan could have justified it. The way he portrayed it on screen was class apart and we bet you won’t differ with us on it. While we are still busy drooling over the his character, dialogues and even the songs from the movie, looks like there’s a good news waiting for us already. If we are remotely good at reading between the lines, then we can assume that the talks for its sequel are on and the makers are even discussing this great idea.
Recently Raees’ director, Rahul Dholakia took to Twitter to announce that the SRK starrer was the most pirated movie of 2017. To this Ritesh Sidhwani, film’s producer was quick enough to reply Look at the brighter side the audience we have for the sequel #RaeesReturns. Got the hint guys? Ritesh has no qualms in producing a sequel to his 2017 release and looking at the popularity it had, we think it’s a noble idea. Since the time Ritesh used the #RaeesReturns in his tweet, Twitterati went crazy over the idea. It was the moment where Ritesh almost read our minds. SRK fans went berserk over this idea and started initiating on how the movie deserves a sequel. While some termed it as SRK’s masterpiece, others think the idea is too good to celebrate one year of Raees. Well personally, we too would love to see SRK shine in the movie’s sequel as we believe no one but him could have nailed the character so well. Check out the fan tweets below to know how eagerly they all are waiting for its sequel.
Ye bhi accha hoga na???

— Nihal Yergatti (Srkain) (@iamnihal555) January 17, 2018

Sequal ki News Sach honi chaheea!!!! We want Raees Bhai Back! 😎🔥🔥 #RaeesReturns

— ASIF ᶻᵉʳᵒ (@Asif_4rSRK) January 18, 2018

sir we want raees return

— #SRKfan🙂07 (@naved_srkian77) January 17, 2018

Raees akhi duniya me ek single piece single piece…. Want #RaeesReturns2021Eid

— Fan Srk Khan (@MeFanSrkKhan) January 17, 2018

Sir… we want #Raees2

— E(sha)hrukh Khan ✨ (@IamEshaSRK) January 17, 2018

Interestingly the movie ended on a note that makes provision for a sequel. Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan have a son, Faizan in the movie. And speaking as a true Bollywood fan and knowing how it often works in the industry, Faizan can follow in his father’s footsteps and become the next Raees. Wow, looks like we have a plot ready! Wonder if the makers are reading it. If yes, can we please expect a sequel? After all not everyday do you get to see SRK sporting shades of grey, right?

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