Suge Knight was reportedly escorted from LA county jail to a local hospital, and has been there for two days without anyone knowing, according to TMZ. Details about the 52-year-old rap god’s condition are scarce at this point. What the outlet does know is that he was moved from the prison on Tuesday, April 3 around 11:00am PT, and admitted to the hospital. Suge, who is currently awaiting trial for murder, has had several health issues in his time in lockup.

The rapper was treated for blood clots in 2017, and it’s reportedly been a recurring issue. He also collapsed in court in March 2015 during a bail hearing, and was subsequently taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Suge claimed at the time that he was “going crazy” in jail after being placed in solitary confinement, allegedly without hot water, no blanket, and rare showers.

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