It’s not always that you get Shahid Kapoor in a candid mood. We at BollywoodLife were luck and guess what the actor got chatty about Udta Punjab Censor Board controversy, sharing stage with ex Kareena Kapoor and aping Yo Yo Honey Singh. Read on…

By his own admission he’s moody and homely and his fans would agree with us that Sasha is one of the most talented actors in Bollywood today…
Shahid Kapoor was a bundle of energy as he moved from one interview set up to the other for Udta Punjab promotion. This was a little ahead of the Udta Punjab team’s big battle with Censor Board and the legal fight that they won recently. The Censor issue was still on, but Shahid looked unperturbed as he doled out one interview after the other sipping what he’s addicted to – COFFEE! Shahid stepped into BollywoodLife interview looking hotter than ever in cool in casual blue Chinos and and brown T. His boyish grin made the lit up space even brighter and he admitted that this was his 25th or 26th interview for the day. We loved the fact that he was in a good mood coz we would not wanna be on the other side.

It was refreshing to see Shahid take on questions about his controversial film, ex lover Kareena Kapoor Khan and his soon-to-be mommy wifey Mira Rajput with ease. Here are excerpts from one of the easiest conversation with a star. Read on…

Is the plan to take over Aamir Khan’s Mr Perfectionist title?

I’m far from perfect. I don’t think anybody is more suited for this title than Aamir. Aamir Khan is someone I’ve hugely respected and I’ve loved his work for many years. It’s a huge compliment, but I can’t really take it seriously. I’m just happy to know that people are expecting me to do credible and good work and that’s a really good feeling.

Right now you’re in a great space both in personal and professional space – happy, anxious, excited or stressed?

I’m actually feeling very centred. I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling content. I’m very excited and looking forward to this new chapter in my life. Of course Udta Punjab is a film made with a lot of love and a lot of effort has gone into the film. It was just a film as an artist that you felt it’s a great role and a story that needs to be told. It’s really fortunate that it got cast the way it did. It’s got like four right faces to be heard as a subject. It’ up for release on 17 and it feels great.

Udta Punjab was perceived as this dark film meant for niche audience but with Alia Kareena and you in the cast it’s got this mainstream touch – do you agree?

How the film happened was that Abhishek met me and I said yes for the film and I said yes for it and then for the next nine months nobody was doing it. And then they said should we make it with three newcomers and I was like no it’s not right for the film. Coz it’ just not about my character, each character is equally important. And then Alia (Bhatt) came on and Kareena came on and they wanted to work with Diljit because he’s a really big star in Punjab. And suddenly the film had four faces and yes I think it was very very good for a film like Udta Punjab to have four faces that are popular and known it helps the film be seen more and heard more.

A lot has been talked about as far as your look in the film is concerned – is it true it was modeled on Yo Yo Honey Singh? Was there any real life inspiration you sought for this character?

The character that I play is a rockstar, who is a cocaine addict o I wouldn’t like to draw parallels with any person. Obviously he’s a musician who is really big star in Punjab I guess that’s the only parallel that you can draw with Yo Yo Honey Singh. If you see the look of the character and the way he is I don’t think he looks like Honey Singh.

There are too many tattoos on your (Tommy Singh’s) body…


Have you ever got tattooed?

No! I’ve always wanted to, but I’m scared making long term commitments.

Now that you are married that shouldn’t even be a reason not get tattooed…

See imagine, I made one last year it’s not been even a full year so gimme a little time.

What would your tattoo read?

I’ve no idea! That’s the tough part I don’t know what I would want to write on it. Somehow I’m never able to stay with one thing for a long period of time, to be sure that I’ll be okay with it all my life.

Your favourite rapper?

At present I don’t have a favourite. But technically Eminem is fantastic, Tupac is extremely popular and Yo Yo Honey Singh is fantastic. There’s a lot of people whose rapping I’ve enjoyed.

Your character (Tommy Singh) writes and sings. Does Shahid do that too?

Write and sing? No! I just take other people’s content and I create characters out of it. The easy job.

The first leg of Udta Punjab promotions became all about Shahid-Kareena sharing the stage, did you expect it?

Yeah, it was a bit of a cliche.

Were you bored with that? What did you want to do?

You know it’s like when you don’t want to give a selfie, but somebody asks for one and you just smile and move on. It’s one of those things.

Watch Shahid Kapoor’s full interview where he discussed the Censor Board and the detailing that went into making his character Tommy Sigh alive and loveable here…

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